Private beta no more! User sign-ups are now open

We've had the chance, over the last few months, to learn a lot of things from our first batch of users and early adopters. It's been a lot of fun and very constructive feedback was provided.

Thanks, we ❤ you guys!

We had the time of our life this weekend as we launched our first API as data providers for HackQuebec. We've had the chance to meet some of you guys there and it was absolutely exciting to see our data and options mixed with possibilities of other APIs like Rdio.

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Hello World!

About Tumbz: history, notes and… stuff

This online app was created and is currently developed by quebec developers Pierre-Luc Babin and Frédérick Dubois with the help and advices of Sébastien Morin who initially helped a lot bootstrapping the project by defining the idea and brand.

The Tumbz App was created to fix the fact that old school charts and current social networks both fail to give quality insight about entertainment products. The first one reflecting the opinion of the masses instead of yours while the other ones are filled with noise from forgotten friends and long-seen family members.

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The Tumbz Blog Brought to you by the team behind the App

We write about Tumbz feature launches and what we love: music, movies, books, code, web development, strategy and... code.

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The Team

  • plbabin

    Pierre-Luc Babin

    Web dev machine and front end killer

  • fred

    Frédérick Dubois

    Charts algorythmer and web developer


Tumbz helps you discover albums, movies and books by listening to the opinion of people whose taste you respect.

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